• Producing Web Videos
    Producing Web Videos
    How do you convince busy lawyers to take the time to watch web videos?
  • Revamping ABA Journal
    Revamping ABA Journal
    Editing a print magazine is the ultimate collaborative enterprise.
  • Building Digital Products
    Building Digital Products
    Successful digital products – those that attract big audiences and earn significant revenues – generally start with a simple premise.
  • Creating Legal Rebels
    Creating Legal Rebels
    How do you cover innovation in an innovative way?
  • Boosting Ad Sales
    Boosting Ad Sales
    Maximizing the revenues of media products often requires looking at ad sales from a fresh perspective.
  • Negotiating Partnerships
    Negotiating Partnerships
    Partnerships require close attention both before and after an agreement is reached.
  • Making Presentations
    Making Presentations
    I’ve given more than 100 presentations and interviews for the organizations that I’ve worked for.
  • Redesigning
    Redesigning the ABA’s website required managing change in a large, matrixed organization.
  • Fostering Community
    Fostering Community fosters community among lawyers, but not in the typical manner.
  • Rethinking Student Lawyer
    Rethinking Student Lawyer
    Every media product needs to be constantly reinvented – and none more so than those targeted at a young demographic.